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CQWW 2010 analysis released

September 3rd, 2011
CQWW Log Analyser releasedCQWW 2010 analysis released

Contest rates analyser has been released, results are available here.

Despite lower number of logs submitted 2010 CW broke the 70.000 QSOs per hour threshold for the very first time. This is the higher rate observed ever since public logs became public in 2007. The winning hour was 15:00 on the first day when 70.449 QSOs were made. Closest to this result was CQWW CW 2009 with 65.266 QSOs in the opening hour of the contest which means 7.9% increase in top rate overall. This is a continuing trend for CQWW since 2007. Above also indicates better propagation on higher bands.

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